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Having one of those days?.
We all have one of those days where nothing seems to go right. YES! even we have those days and as we are only human it would be silly to say we never get things wrong, so if it is our fault or you think it is please don't rant & rave!. We will do our very best to put it right
All the information you need is here, just contact us and then relax knowing we are on it!

School House Graphics.
and its associated companies wish to confirm that all work carried out is produced by skilled and professional tradesmen. At no time will jobbing or unskilled workers be used in any manufacturing or installations.

Useful information.
All you need to contact us is at the top of every page of this website however, if you feel the need to contact me directly for whatever reason please call me on: 07941904331 and please leave a message if I don't pick up. My mobile is on 24/7 BUT I will not answer it in the early hours unless you know the special code or you are from
Lottery HQ. A second e mail address is available if the one above doesn't work Which is: I hope this helps. Ian Smith


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