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And here is the news.......
They say, "No news is good news" well that is a load of bull. As you know good news is er, well good news and we aim to give you good news with prices, quality, service and a range of peripheral services that will make your life easier and that has to be good news, right?

The art of being remembered
All companies have LOGOS Think of ESSO or MORRISONS, McDonalds or Virgin.
All successful businesses have one thing in common, A LOGO. Have you got one?
If not let us create one for you.
It will get you noticed and remembered.

The Latest from School House Graphics

Thank you to all SHG customers who have supported us in good and bad times. Be assured of our best attention at all times.

And big, big thanks to all SHG suppliers. It's good to know we can depend on you to give 110% when required. ......and the cheque is in the post ! :)


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